Enhanced mood and a reduction in symptoms related to depression and anxiety.


Heightened creativity, improved problem-solving abilities, and enhanced lateral thinking.

Focus & Productivity

Improve concentration and focus, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in tasks.



  • Focus & Productivity

    "As someone who struggles with focus and productivity, I didn't want to take drugs. Moosh has been a revelation for me. It's like a fog has been lifted, and I finally feel like I'm operating at my full potential."

  • Game Changer

    "I've been dealing with anxiety for years, and drugs were making me have horrible side effects. I gave Moosh a shot. It's been a game-changer for me. I feel calmer, more at ease, and better equipped to handle stressful situations."

  • Overall Well-Being

    "I was initially skeptical about trying microdosing, but this product completely changed my perspective. After using it for a week, I noticed a huge improvement in my mood and overall well-being. I feel more focused, creative, and emotionally balanced. Highly recommend!"

Holistic Healing

The doctors of the future will be our True Healers.Instead of relying on medication, they will prescribe laughter, herbs, mushrooms, superfoods, meditation & breathwork.​We will be empowered to heal ourselves with our own Mind, Body & Consciousness.